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WhatsApp is a widely used messaging and chatting application, with billions of downloads on the Play Store. However, its features are limited, which is why modified versions, such as WhatsApp Plus Reborn, are available. This modified version offers new, unique, and useful features that are not present in the official WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus Reborn is particularly popular among users of modified versions of WhatsApp. Due to its additional features, many people prefer to use it for chatting and communicating with their contacts in a new way.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is a modified version of WhatsApp that allows you to do everything that the official app does, such as chatting, making audio and video calls, and sharing various types of files, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, gifs, audio, and video. Additionally, it allows you to share larger files than the official WhatsApp. Additionally, this modified version of WhatsApp is fully customisable, allowing you to personalize everything according to your preferences to make your WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK work and look better.

What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK?

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK is the fantastic social messaging application which is the modified version of the official WhatsApp Which connects you with the world and which comes with a lot of new and interesting features like anti-ban, higher resolution picture sharing, freeze last scene, backup, flash call option, etc. You can download WhatsApp plus Reborn APK from our website and install it in your phone to take advantage of these features.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn

The users of WhatsApp plus reborn APK love this application because of its unique features and functions with the different new element that helps you to change the appearance of the app. The main and the most useful features are presented below in detailed view:

Enjoy your features for free

To communicate with your friends and family members you need to send text messages, audio video calls, share different types of media etc . In it everything is 100% free of cost in the WhatsApp plus rebirth so you don’t need to pay a single penny from your money for using those features.

Anti ban feature

WhatsApp plus reborn is the modified version of the official WhatsApp therefore while using many modified versions there is some doubt of banning your account. Therefore they are unsafe for your WhatsApp account but you don’t have to worry about it because WhatsApp plus reborn comes with an anti-ban feature  which protects your account from being banned. so you don’t need to worry about losing the important information and messaging that you’ve sare or received with your contacts on WhatsApp.

Lightweight Application

WhatsApp plus reborn is comparatively a very lightweight application than the other mod applications present on Google. If you have a mobile which does not have any free space so you don’t need to worry because WhatsApp plus reborn have very less space than the other whatsapp mods.

Share 50 MB video limit

In the official WhatsApp when you send any large video to your contact but you can’t send video more than 17 MB so that you can divide the video in small pieces which spoils the fun of the video but you don’t need to worry about it because in the WhatsApp plus reborn you can send video up to 50 MB which is very large size.

Freeze online status

You can enable the feature of hiding the last scene in the setting of the WhatsApp plus reborn. By using this feature none  of your contacts knows that you are online or offline on WhatsApp.

Hide typing status

In the official WhatsApp whenever you type your contacts there is a typing status showing on your contact screen. In this way your contacts know that you are sending a message to him. to disable that status you can enable the hide typing status option in the setting of WhatsApp plus reborn. so there is no status showing on your contact’s whatsapp.

App password

In the official whatsapp there is no WhatsApp lock option in it. Due to which many users can download third party applications which are unsafe for your mobile phone and your WhatsApp. Keeping in mind this feature WhatsApp developers can add an additional feature to WhatsApp plus reborn of whatsapp self lock.

Lock for specific chat

In the official WhatsApp there is no chat lock option because your chats are insecure due to which developers of WhatsApp plus reborn added an extra feature which is called lock specific chat. By using this feature you can lock the specific chat which you think that it was private and can’t be seen by others.

Dozens of themes

In the WhatsApp plus reborn APK there are dozens of things present in the theme store. you can choose the theme of your choice which looks better on your mobile phone and smartphone. you can use themes to change all the looks of the WhatsApp to look like new and upgraded in your smartphone.

Set schedule message

In the WhatsApp plus reborn you can set a scheduled message due to which your message was delivered to the selected contacts at the first time you selected it.

Download Details of WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk

NameWhatsApp Plus Reborn
Size69 MB

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk on Android?

To download and install the WhatsApp Plus Reborn app, you have to follow the below steps :

DOWNLOAD: Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn from the below download link provided in this article

BACKUP AND UNINSTALL: Take Backup of your WhatsApp Data and Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp

ALLOW UNKNOWN SOURCES: Now before installing the app you need to allow the unknown source by going to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

INSTALL: Now install WhatsApp Plus Reborn in your android device.

OPEN: Now open the app in your android device

LOGIN: Login using using phone number and enjoy amazing mod features

Final Words

WhatsApp plus reborn is the modified version of WhatsApp in which you get a lot of new unique and interesting features in it. You can customize everything in it according to your choice on which WhatsApp looks better. You can easily download the best ever modified version of original WhatsApp from our website and install it on your phone. you became fan of it after the first time use because of its beautiful and simple interference 

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