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WhatsApp is a famous and very popular social media app used for messaging and calling. On WhatsApp you can also share multimedia like video audio pictures files etc in it. WhatsApp is free to use for everyone. WhatsApp has millions of users around the world who use WhatsApp on a daily basis. There are a lot of modes of WhatsApp which are related to it.

The ZE WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app that offers a lot of new features that are not available on the official app. With ZEWhatsApp APK, you can read revoked messages, view deleted messages, download statuses, and much more. It is one of the best modded versions of WhatsApp available. You can download it for free from our website.

What is ZEWhatsApp?

ZEWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app that you can download for free from our website. This app has a lot of new, awesome features that are not available in other modified versions of the app. Unlike other modded versions, ZEWhatsApp APK is an anti-ban application, so you can use it without worrying about being banned. Some of the features of this app are explained below.

Features of ZEWhatsapp

ZEWhatsApp is full of features and some of them are presented below.

Anti-Revoke Messages

Anti revoke feature is also present in ZEWhatsApp. You can use this feature for reading messages which are deleted for everyone as you cannot only read but you can also reply to deleted messages by selecting them.


One of the most important features of ZE WhatsApp is that it is an anti-ban application, which means it is safe and secure to use. This feature protects your account from being banned, so you can use this modded version of the app without worrying about being banned. In fact, ZEWhatsApp is 100% safe to use, so you can use it without any risk or fear.

Status Downloader

Status is one of the best things in WhatsApp but you can’t see more than one day but you don’t need to. ZEWhatsApp is the best solution for this . Now you can download statuses by stepping on the download button present on the screen. All the status is you downloaded word directly goes to your gallery without any setting. Anti-delete statuses:
You can use this feature by viewing the latest statuses of your contacts and you can also reply to the deleted statuses. You can use this feature to impress your friend by replying to his / her status.

DND Mode

DND mode is also known as flight mode because this feature is used to restrict the data usage for WhatsApp. If you don’t want to connect WhatsApp to the internet, you can turn on this feature.

Inbuilt Lock

In many smartphones there is no app lock feature in them. In this way many of the people download third party applications for app lock. But ZE WhatsApp has its own lock. In this way you don’t need to download any third party application for the app lock. You can set a password pattern pin for the lock and also fingerprint it. In this way you can secure your messages, chats etc on your phone.

Hide Last Seen

ZEWhatsApp has an additional feature of hiding the last screen. If you don’t want to let anyone know that you are online or offline, you can enable this feature in the settings of WhatsApp. There is a slight disadvantage of the decision that if you enable this feature you won’t be able to see other statuses.

Lock Whatsapp Chats

In ZEWhatsApp you can lock WhatsApp chats also. In this way your privacy is increased. You can also hide your chat in this modified version of WhatsApp. If anyone was so personal to you, you can hide his/her number very easily by reading instructions on it.

Hide Double Tick

In this modified version of WhatsApp you can hide Bluetick and the second tick also. You can just enable the option in the setting and see magic. This feature is very helpful to you in many ways.

Download Details of ZEWhatsapp Apk

Size32 MB

How to Download and Install ZEWhatsapp Apk on Android?

To download and install the ZEWhatsapp app, you have to follow the below steps :

DOWNLOAD: Download ZEWhatsapp Apk from the below download link provided in this article

BACKUP AND UNINSTALL: Take Backup of your WhatsApp Data and Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp

ALLOW UNKNOWN SOURCES: Now before installing the app you need to allow the unknown source by going to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

INSTALL: Now install ZEWhatsapp APK in your android device.

OPEN: Now open the app in your android device

LOGIN: Login using using phone number and enjoy amazing mod features

Final Words