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King WhatsApp is a highly underrated WhatsApp mod that you must try at least once, boasting a multitude of amazing features.

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“King Whatsapp” is a new and modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, and is gaining popularity among users who prefer customized versions of the app. This version offers many features that are not available in the official version. However, since it is a mod of the official version, it is not available on the app store. King Whatsapp has unique and extraordinary features that make it a must-have for users who want a more personalized experience.

The official WhatsApp has limited features, which is why many users have turned to modified versions of the app. King Whatsapp stands out among other mods due to its numerous features, such as the DND mode, the ability to hide last seen, app locker, themes, translator, better privacy options, and much more. These features fulfill the basic needs of users who want to chat and message with additional features not found in the off

What is King Whatsapp?

King Whatsapp is a Whatsapp Mod developed by that offers many new and unique features that users have been demanding. Unlike the original WhatsApp, King Whatsapp provides features that are not available or are limited in the official version. Since WhatsApp’s popularity has risen, many mods have been developed with better features than WhatsApp, but they often lack security. However, King Whatsapp is a secure mod of WhatsApp that offers greater privacy for your account.

The same developer have also devloped another WhatsApp which might you have heard the name i.e. AnWhatsApp. It is an amazing whatsapp you can check out from here.

Features of King Whatsapp


Using other mods of WhatsApp can increase the chances of your account being banned. However, with the latest update of King Whatsapp, a new anti-ban feature has been introduced to ensure your account is secure and safe from being banned. Other mods of WhatsApp are often insecure, which has resulted in many users’ accounts being permanently banned. But with King Whatsapp, you can rest assured that your account is fully safe and secure.

Secure Chats

In other modes of WhatsApp, your chats are insecure and your data can be leaked, which is a serious concern. However, with King WhatsApp, your data is completely secure and in safe hands.

App Lock

The official WhatsApp doesn’t have an app lock option, which means you have to download a third-party application to lock your WhatsApp. However, with this wamod, you can now set your own lock within the app’s settings. You can set a PIN, pattern, or even use your smartphone’s fingerprint scanner to unlock your WhatsApp.

DND Mode

If you want to restrict the internet connection for King WhatsApp, you don’t have to do any settings. Just turn on the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode in this WhatsApp mod. When you turn on the DND mode, you can’t send or receive messages because the data or internet connection of King WhatsApp is closed. All your online activity on WhatsApp is blocked.


You can change the appearance of your WhatsApp by applying different themes available in the theme store. You can download themes of your choice and apply them to your WhatsApp, making it look beautiful and attractive.

Inbuilt Translator

If you happen to converse with someone who doesn’t know your language and they chat with you in their own language, you don’t have to download any third-party translator apps, as they can pose a security risk to your device. Instead, you can use the inbuilt translator in King Whatsapp, which can translate any language into your selected language.

Hide Last Seen

You can enable the “Hide Last Seen” option in the settings of King Whatsapp. This feature allows you to remain hidden from your friends and family members. By hiding your last seen status, your contacts will never know whether you are online or offline on WhatsApp. This feature helps you increase your privacy on Whatsapp.

Anti Revoke Messages

With this feature, you can read all the messages that have been deleted for everyone. Not only can you read them, but you can also reply to them by selecting them. This way, you can catch up with your friends by using this feature. There is a small mark on the message that indicates that it was deleted for everyone.


You can customize everything in King Whatsapp, such as fonts, icons, and more. You have the ability to personalize King Whatsapp to your liking and make it look exactly the way you want it to.

Online Notification

When someone is online on WhatsApp, there is a small notification that lets you know your contact is online. This way, you don’t need to check repeatedly to see if they’re online or not, saving you a lot of time.

Download Details of King WhatsApp Pro

NameKing Whatsapp
Size62.2 MB

How to Download and Install King Whatsapp Apk on Android?

DOWNLOAD: Download King Whatsapp Apk from the below download link provided in this article

BACKUP AND INSTALL: Take Backup of your WhatsApp Data and Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp

ALLOW UNKNOWN SOURCES: Now before installing the app you need to allow the unknown source by going to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

INSTALL: Now install King WhatsApp Apk in your android device.

OPEN: Now open the app in your android device

LOGIN: Login using using phone number and enjoy amazing mod features

Final Words

We present to you King Whatsapp, the most in-demand mod version of the original WhatsApp. It comes with numerous new, unique, interesting, and useful features that enhance your privacy on WhatsApp. The best part is that it comes with anti-ban features, so your WhatsApp account is entirely secure on King Whatsapp. You can download this amazing mod from our website, use it, and explore its features for yourself.