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OG WhatsApp: More than an app, it’s a legacy. Elevate your chats, embrace security, and redefine your messaging journey with the original maestro.

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Version : 17.60 | Size : 70.03 MB

Introduction of OG WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp is one of the incredibly growing and most liked apps of this century,it has more than billions of downloads on the play store and more than 500 million active users. WhatsApp has almost a lot of mods but OG WhatsApp is one of the best of all. OG WhatsApp APK is the modified version of WhatsApp with a lot of new added features.

The OG WhatsApp app was developed by a third party, but it has the advantage of being fully secure and safe to use without any risk of being banned. With OG WhatsApp, you can customize everything to your liking, and it has excellent privacy features. You’ll likely become a fan of WhatsApp OG after using it for the first time. You can download it for free from our website and enjoy all its features.

Features of OG Whatsapp

There are some of the main features of OG WhatsApp are explained below in detail otherwise this has unlimited features some of them are explained:

Message Scheduler

This is the most amazing and new feature in the history of WhatsApp. With this feature you can send any message and add your selected time, if you want to send a message at a fixed time so you can enable message scheduler this way if you forgot to message anyone so this feature helps you to message and give time. This feature is very helpful and useful for you and is also a time saver feature.
This feature will only work when there is a good internet connection otherwise this feature is not applicable on your smartphone. So enjoy this feature and stay connected with your friends, contacts, and family members and be happy always.


Users of modified versions of WhatsApp often worry about being banned, but that’s not a concern with OG WhatsApp. This modified version includes an anti-ban feature that keeps your account secure and safe. The latest version of OG WhatsApp is even more secure than previous versions, so you can download it by clicking the download button on our website. With this feature, your account is 100% secure, so you don’t have to worry about it as long as you have WhatsApp and your smartphone

Status Downloader

Chatting and video sharing are not the only features of WhatsApp. You can also upload your stories, which are a popular feature among WhatsApp users. Everyone wants to download their contacts’ or friends’ statuses, but the official WhatsApp app doesn’t have a download option. However, this problem is solved in OG WhatsApp. You can simply tap on the download button and save the status to your gallery without changing any settings.

Call on Non-Added Number

In the office WhatsApp you can only call that person Which was in your contacts list otherwise you can’t call him/her but now in OGWhatsApp you can call anyone without sending its number. This feature will save a lot of your time.

Longer Status

In the official WhatsApp you can just type your status of 700 words but in OGWHATSAPP APK you can type status more than 700 words in this way you can complete your speech or story.

Block Particular Contact Calls

If anyone can disturb or irritate you by calling again and again on your WhatsApp now you can just block calls not the contacts on WhatsApp By installing the amazing application OG WhatsApp you can block anyone’s calls, blocking their calls not the contacts. You can easily do this in OG WhatsApp by simply turning off the call receiving option of the particular contact by approaching in settings.

Hide Blue Ticks

When someone sends you a message on WhatsApp and you read it, blue ticks are shown to the sender, indicating that you have read the message. However, if you don’t want anyone to know if you are online or offline, you can enable the option to hide blue ticks in the settings of OG WhatsApp

Download Details of OG WhatsApp Apk

NameOG WhatsApp
Size70.3 MB

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Final Words

You may have seen many WhatsApp modes, but OG WhatsApp is different from others. It offers many brand new and unique features, such as auto reply, the ability to block specific people, hide blue ticks, and much more. You can download OG WhatsApp from our website, install it on your smartphone, and enjoy it. Please share it with others as well.

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