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Step into the future of messaging with NS WhatsApp 3D! Dive into a mesmerizing world of three-dimensional chats, where your messages come to life.

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Version : 9.83 | Size : 83.5 MB


NS WhatsApp is considered one of the best WhatsApp mod APKs, with over 1 billion downloads worldwide. NS WhatsApp surpasses the real WhatsApp in terms of features, offering a multitude of functionalities that the official WhatsApp lacks.

This mod provides a plethora of new, unique, interesting, and useful features, making it a superior choice compared to the standard WhatsApp. While there are several alternatives to the official WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp stands out and competes effectively with all of them. The app is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor NS WhatsApp according to their preferences, making it user-friendly for everyone.

What is NS WhatsApp 3D APK ?

NS WhatsApp 3D is based on a modified version of the official WhatsApp, but it offers numerous improved and novel features compared to the original application. NS WhatsApp is truly a distinctive app that enables users to surpass the constraints of the standard application. Within this app, you can personalize elements such as the contact icon, chat backgrounds, and choose from a wide array of themes, colors, and designs. This eliminates the need to install and use additional apps for customization purposes.

Highlighted Features of NS WhatsApp 3D APK

NS WhatsApp 3D APK has a lot of unique, attractive, useful features which are the backbone of this app. This app has a lot of features which are almost uncountable, some of them are presented below in detail:

Anti Restrict

WhatsApp privacy policies and agencies don’t restrict this app because developers of NS WhatsApp consider the app to be the safest way to work on all types of smartphone and the other devices.

Automatically Updated

Ns WhatsApp 3D can automatically update when it is connected with the internet, there are no official steps to update it in this way you don’t need to do any labor for updating this app. This was the most recent and reliable feature in the mod of WhatsApp known as the NS WhatsApp 3d APK.


There are many font options included to make your phone work but NS WhatsApp has plenty of colors, designs and font styles in it to make your smartphone more stylish and unique.

Large Status Video

In the official WhatsApp you can only upload a status of 30 seconds but If your status video is large so you can cut it into small pieces and upload separately but now this issue was solved in this modified version. Now you can upload a status of about 7 minutes on NS WhatsApp 3D, you don’t have to cut your status in many pieces which is irritating for everyone

Auto Reply

This feature is very helpful for you if you are a busy person, you can use this feature by doing some settings in the NS Whatsapp 3D. you can set auto replies for messages sent by your contacts or friends. This is a good and time saving feature of NS WhatsApp. This feature is also useful for those people who use WhatsApp for business purposes.

Media Sharing

In the official WhatsApp you can send media of very low size video about 17 MB and audio of about 20 MB but now this problem was solved in NS WhatsApp 3D now you can send up to 300 MB audio and up to 1 GB video to your contacts or friends with the help of NS WhatsApp, this is such a great feature otherwise you have to video in many parts and send it in many pieces but now you can send a single large video.

Privacy Features

Hide Online Status

WhatsApp privacy policies and agencies don’t restrict this app because developers of NS WhatsApp consider the app to be the safest way to work on all types of smartphone and the other devices.

Hide Bluetick

Induction WhatsApp whenever anyone sends you a message and you read it so Blue Ticks are shown to sender, in this way he / she knows that you have read their message but if you don’t let it so you can enable the hide blue tick option in the setting of NS WhatsApp 3D.

Hide Recording and Typing Status

In the official WhatsApp when you are sending any return message or recording any messages so at your contact’s side writing or recording status are showing in this way he/she knows that you are sending a message to them if you don’t want it so you can high typing or recording status in the setting.

Download Details of NS WhatsApp 3D Apk

NameNS WhatsApp 3D
Size83.5 MB

How to Download and Install NS Whatsapp 3D Apk on Android?

Step 1: Download the NS WhatsApp 3D latest version from the below download link provided in this article.

Step 2: Before installing you need to allow the Unknown Source. You can enable this setting by going to this location: Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, tap on it and enable it.

Step 3: Now click on the downloaded application icon and then click on the Install button

Step 4: Now Click on Open button

Step 5: Now login your account and enjoy NS Whatsapp 3D with unlimited mod features.

Final Words

NS WhatsApp 3D is indeed a modified version of the official WhatsApp, offering a plethora of amazing and distinctive features that prove highly useful in various ways. While the original version imposes many limitations that can be quite frustrating, NS WhatsApp 3D expands upon these limitations significantly. You can easily download the latest version of NS WhatsApp 3D for free from our website; simply click on the download button. Download it and start enjoying its benefits.