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OG WhatsApp Pro: Elevate your messaging game with endless customizations and a treasure trove of features! From personalized themes to hidden statuses, this app puts you in control.

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Version : 17.60 | Size : 70.3 MB


WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messaging application, allowing users to easily send and receive social media content with minimal internet connectivity. Since the app’s popularity soared, many WhatsApp alternatives or “mods” have emerged. OG WhatsApp Pro stands out as a great WhatsApp mod, fulfilling all the needs of mod users. It has become a top choice among people.

Although the official WhatsApp is highly popular and exceptional, its features are limited and do not fulfill all user requirements. This is why many users switch to WhatsApp mods. OG WhatsApp Pro is highly recommended, as it offers a lot of features that fulfill user requirements and desires. Additionally, it offers a wide range of extra features, such as customization, font style changes, dark UI, and much more.

About OG WhatsApp Pro

OG WhatsApp Pro is the perfect mod application for those who use WhatsApp. It provides all the features and functionalities that WhatsApp users require and need. Millions of users who were fans of this mod application’s fantastic features have already installed it. Although this application is not directly affiliated with the official WhatsApp, it offers better features than the official app.

Unfortunately, even with new updates, WhatsApp cannot satisfy its users because everything in WhatsApp is very limited, which people do not like at all. To learn more about the OG WhatsApp Pro, please read the full article.

Features of OG Whatsapp Pro

Millions of people from all over the world have downloaded and installed OG WhatsApp Pro, attracted to the fantastic features of this mod application. If you are using the official WhatsApp and are not satisfied with it, then you should try this app least once. Below, the main and popular features of the application are explained in detail.

Dual Whatsapp Account

OG WhatsApp Pro APK is an alternative to WhatsApp but not identical. You can install both applications on the same Android device, allowing you to easily run two WhatsApp accounts without any restrictions. This feature is particularly useful for marketing managers who need to run both personal and business WhatsApp accounts on the same device.


Customization is one of the best features of every mod version of WhatsApp. Each mod has its own unique customization options, but OG WA pro stands out by offering a wide range of new and useful features. For instance, you can easily change the message counter color, background color, and text colors right in the chat window.

Hide View Status

In this app, you can select all those people which you want to show your status to and answers like those people whom you don’t want that they saw your status.

Call Blocker

OG WhatsApp Pro offers an amazing feature that allows you to limit who can call you. With this feature, you can block people who disturb you by calling repeatedly. This is an excellent way to stop unwanted calls and enjoy uninterrupted communication with the people you want to talk to.

Lock Chats

If you have a personal chat and don’t want anyone to read it, you can set a chat lock by using a pin, pattern, or even your smartphone’s fingerprint reader, if it supports it. This way, your chat will be completely secure, and no one will be able to read your messages.

Send Upto 100 Images

In the official version of WhatsApp, you can only select up to 10 photos at a time to send to someone. If you want to send more than 10, you have to repeat the selection process, which can be time-consuming and confusing if you forget which photos you’ve already selected. However, with OGWhatsApp, this problem is eliminated because you can select up to 100 photos at once to send to someone.

Download Details of OG WhatsApp Pro Apk

NameOG WhatsApp Pro
Size70.9 MB

How to Download and Install OG Whatsapp Pro Apk on Android?

DOWNLOAD: Download OG Whatsapp Pro Apk from the below download link provided in this article

BACKUP AND UNINSTALL: Take Backup of your WhatsApp Data and Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp

ALLOW UNKNOWN SOURCES: Now before installing the app you need to allow the unknown source by going to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

INSTALL: Now install OG WhatsApp APK in your android device.

OPEN: Now open the app in your android device

LOGIN: Login using using phone number and enjoy amazing mod features

Final Words

OG WhatsApp is an exciting and amazing modified version of the official WhatsApp that you can’t ignore. This mod is perfect for casual chats and messaging. There are hundreds of themes available in the theme store of OG WhatsApp Pro, so you can download the theme of your choice and apply it to your WhatsApp with ease. This application offers all the features that users demand, making it a great choice. You can easily download this unique and highly sought-after modified version of the official WhatsApp.